Get Serious

Property investing is a serious business and needs to approached by experienced, active property investors.

Check out the works of Ron LeGrand and John Burley , compare the written content and draw your own conclusions.

Rick Otton is a self professed Professional Educator on the  Seminar Circuit in Australia and England with occasional forays into New Zealand. He teaches Vendor Finance and Lease Options to Residential Real Estate investors.

Unfortunately he does not actually use the strategies he teaches. The examples he uses in his trainings are extremely old and for those who have been around for a while it’s obvious that there is nothing new happening in his portfolio.

Even on the mentoring program called Bus trip Rick took us to a house that is according to Rick, is “Rick and Jane’s Deal” but on chatting with the purchaser the deal was actually set up by students Daryl and Barbra H.

He then took us to another home that is the subject of the “Hot Property” tv show. According to Rick he found this deal and set it all up. Not true, the deal was found by another student. Now he is telling everyone that he “Gave the House away”. He did not. The young couple did get a bank loan and are paying the house off. Well done to them for improving the value to enable them to do so.

Sweat Equity is a TV show in America.

Rick paid a publicity company to put together the Today Tonight interview and have it put on to Today Tonight. I think they call them Infomercials. The house wasn’t his, it was a deal setup by another person, the owner; and Rick makes it sound like he did it!!!!